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    About Us

    Accounting forms a fundamental base for any organization and if you are interested to pursue a career as an accountant, you have a wide range of alternatives. But it’s important to choose a course that gives you right mix of practical and theoretical training, especially when you look at USA and UK market. 

    The opportunities are in abundance in these markets but right kind of knowledge is required to achieve your dream job.

    About Legacy Academy for Foreign Tax and Accounting

    For us, its about giving back to society and creating knowledge

    Being a highly skilled Accounting expert is now valued more than ever and hence to help you achieve this goal, Mr. Uday Ranpara & Mr. Vijesh Zinzuwadia formed Legacy Academy for Foreign Taxes & Accounting based in Ahmedabad which is a global organization comprised of highly experienced CA and IT practitioners with a cumulative promoter experience of more than 100 years.

    Centre @ New L.J. College, L.J. University

    Legacy Academy has collaborated with New L.J. Commerce College to co-facilitate the courses to cultivate next-generation leaders with the willpower, character, and passion to succeed. New L.J. Commerce College is a well-known campus for studies not only in Ahmedabad but across Gujarat, with over 18,000 students and 700+ faculty members engaged in learning-teaching activities. It was established in 1980 to be a major player in the field of education and assist in the growth of society through a network of high-quality institutes.

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    UK & US Accounting Courses

    US Accounting Coaching Benefits with Legacy Academy

    We are an excellent choice for the best possible training and helping you in obtaining a better career. We take into account that the value of an educational institution has now become a must for obtaining a well-paying and secure job. To achieve this we have the perfect combination of theory and practical exercises to prepare people for the workplace.

    At Legacy, all subjects are taught by expert and qualified teachers who adhere to a consistent teaching method. Furthermore, we believe that providing students with accurate knowledge and appropriate guidance would assist them to achieve their objectives. To ensure that our students are proficient in using the resources, we make them prepare 100-500 dummy tax returns.

    Many ambitious students wish to relocate to another country to pursue a better future in their careers and lifestyle. More Indian firms are also expanding their operations internationally giving more opportunities to the aspiring students. You will become a licensed Accountant after completing our Accounts & Taxation course, enabling you to follow your career goals in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

    After completing our course, you will have a plethora of opportunities to demonstrate your accounting abilities. Following completion of your Accounting and Taxation course, you can choose your career in accounting and auditing companies, investment banks, commercial banks, private equity firms, mergers and acquisitions, and other sectors.

    All students who have completed their courses are eligible for placement assistance as a value-added service from Legacy Academy. We have a dedicated placement team that assists students in securing job placements with top-most companies.

    By delivering world-class systematic coaching, our experienced faculty aims to make studying easier for students.

    A licensed Accountant should be certain that they will receive the best possible income. Since there is such high demand in the Accounting industry, even recent graduates are granted a sizable stipend, ensuring that their income is secure and that they have a stable career. Additionally, after you complete your course, you will be accredited by New L.J. Commerce College, which is an additional benefit.

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