Mr. Vijesh Zinzuwadia


Mr. Vijesh Zinzuwadia

Mr. Vijesh H. Zinzuwadia is a practicing chartered accountant and independent committee member of local company and MNCs. He has a rich experience of more than 15 years consulting small to big size corporates and FDI companies for their strategic entry into Indian market, for their new project set up and acting as independent committee member for facilitating company’s strategic decision. He is also having rich experience of defining best standard practices suiting customer’s need for execution and for coordination of new project set up. He has rich experience of acting as one of the key decision maker in pre-feasibility study, responsible for the complete finance and legal process and coordinator cum supervisor for all the post feasibility activities.

Mr. Vijesh H. Zinzuwadia has also strong experience of acting as virtual CFO on behalf of the small to mid-size local / MNCs to ensure process improvisation, increase manpower efficiency, health of the financials of the company, advise on the investment strategy and review of cash flow position periodically for the company. He also has sound experience of debt restructuring and task force management during financial crisis.

He is known for delivering / structuring options within local laws / guidelines most efficiently during feasibility and project set up for 100% FDI companies to enable top management sitting overseas to take appropriate decide.

He has rich experience of structuring cross border transactions between foreign entity and local entity either unrelated OR associated enterprises, advising on best possible taxation practice in respective country. He has also good experience on analyzing best transfer pricing practice between associated enterprise and managing documentation for that.

He is also Founder of company called Initor Global/Unison Globus, a true global accountant having offices in USA / UK / Australia. These companies are aimed to provide various financial services and support to many small to mid-size companies.

Education :

  • Chartered Accountant

Role : Mentor