US Tax Professional


The complicated income tax system in the United States is well-known. As they develop globally, multinational companies (MNCs) are confronted with the complexity of many tax jurisdictions. Our thorough US Tax Professional course is designed to assist global finance and accounting professionals in navigating the exceedingly complex world of international taxation. This course prepares you to properly plan for and comply with applicable tax requirements in your country and around the world. It aids you in identifying foreign tax concerns and providing appropriate solutions to your clients not only to MNCs but also to individuals and other business entities.

We will not only provide knowledge regarding different forms of returns but also about tax planning and research for advanced study. Advance learning will include topics such as expat taxation (both inbound and outbound) and industry-specific practices such as real estate CPA companies. All of the information will be presented through a variety of simulations and dummy tax returns, allowing students to study ideas in real-world situations.

Features & Benefits

We emphasize taxation ideas as well as practical knowledge of how to prepare tax returns for various sorts of clients at our academy. Individual tax returns (Form 1040) and numerous schedules are included in this. We also teach students about the full process of tax return preparation, including what constitutes income, what constitutes changes to income, what constitutes deductions, how taxes are calculated, and what constitutes tax credits, among other things. Other forms of returns will be covered as well, such as C Corp (Form 1120), S Corp (Form 1120 S), Partnership (Form 1065), Trust (Form 1041), Estate and gift taxes (Forms 706 & 709), and Tax-exempt organizations (Form 990s).

Why to choose?

Our course is specifically designed to include not only theoretical studies but also practical exposure and concepts. As a result, you will be industry-ready and employable from the first day after completing the course. Our US Tax professionals are highly certified, with extensive experience and understanding in the US Taxation field, resulting in the most effective training program for students. You’ll receive a certificate on the completion of the course that you may show to potential employers and others in your professional network. While a certification is not required to file taxes in many states in the US, having one can provide substantial benefits such as higher pay and employment stability.

How will it be conducted?

This course will be taught in a hybrid classroom setting with all of the necessary facilities. Demonstrations with real-life examples are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that you are prepared to tackle all complicated difficulties once you begin working as a professional. Studying in a classroom with other students allows for better a communication approach and allows one to learn from other students’ doubts or questions brought to the faculty’s attention.

Practical and live training:

Our USP is that we prepare our students with about 500 dummy tax returns so that they are proficient and job-ready as soon as the training is completed. Our hands-on training makes it easier to grasp how to prepare tax returns for various sorts of clients.