Changing tax laws in the USA


The tax laws are the procedures and legal rules that govern how the state, federal, and local governments analyze the tax you owe. These tax laws cover corporate, luxury, excise, property taxes, taxable income to name just a few. The pandemic, political divisions, and current economic challenges demonstrate the turbulent events of recent times. These factors will have an impact on the likelihood of policy changes and significant tax legislation this year. Most people would wish to start their new year with a pledge to spend less or save more. Being aware of tax law changes allows one to plan their finances accordingly. The current tax law changes focus on inflation adjustments, pandemic relief measures, individual income tax brackets, corporate tax changes, 401(k) retirement plan changes, and many others.

Boosting retirement savings

One of the most common ways Americans save money for retirement is based on the employer-sponsored 401(K) plan. The new tax laws will affect the individual’s ability to safeguard their retirement account and influence the usage of funds over time. While some provisions in the law are administrative, some are planned to raise revenue, and most of them are taxpayer-friendly that are designed to boost individual retirement accounts. The IRS limits the individual retirement account to USD 6000. The Internal Revenue Service declared the cost-of-living adjustments that affected the dollar limitations for retirement-related items and pension plans for the current tax year.

More health savings opportunities

Based on the new tax laws, one can save more on the health savings account. A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is a tax-free savings account that can be used to pay for medical expenses combined with a high-deductible health insurance plan. The new law altered the tax structure which was intended to expand health insurance coverage while lowering healthcare expenses. These health-saving accounts will enable one to put away with tax-deductible money and let it grow tax-free. One can also opt for a tax-free withdrawal to cover up all the medical expenses.

Gift and estate tax savings

The recent changes in the tax laws include the gift and estate tax exemption to be around USD 11.7 million for each citizen of the USA. The value of your estate is determined using this personal federal estate tax indemnity, and any sum above USD 11.7 million is subject to the federal estate tax unless otherwise exempt. The annual gift exclusion remains at USD 15000 per recipient. So this amount you can gift to your child, grandchild, or any other person without any tax cuts or without filing any gift tax returns. Gift planning mostly includes privately held businesses that will require to have a valuation report of the entity for gift tax and marketability.

Though the estate tax exemption reduces the majority of estates from paying tax, it still does not remove all of them. The gross value of the estate after adjusting taxable gifts and the exemption amounts, an excess is subject to an estate tax.


Based on the need of the hour, especially for the tax year 2021, tax accounting and accountants are a huge necessity. Tax accounting lays out the rules that firms and individuals must follow while filing their tax returns. Here the role-play of tax accountants is crucial as they ensure that their clients abide by all the laws and prevent them from accruing any types of fines or penalties from the government. Tax accountants offer tax planning advice and help their clients to save money by following the tax timelines.

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